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Noun1.audiovisual aid - materials using sight or sound to present informationaudiovisual aid - materials using sight or sound to present information; "language tapes and videocassettes and other audiovisuals"
teaching aid - materials and equipment used in teaching
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Table 2: Gender-wise distribution of participants according to their preference of different audiovisual aids Preferred audiovisual aid Total Animations Blackboard Combination PP slides of AV aids Female 14 (20.
Before contracting with any nonprofit, private school, the commission shall submit the terms of the contract to the member boards for review, which terms shall include a description of the educational audiovisual aid to the furnished, the amount of payment and the time for payment.
When an audio program provides additional information, the audio supplements the visual, a relationship that is opposite that of the traditional audiovisual aid, in which the visual supplements the live audio presentation.
The halls are all equipped with cinema screens and various kinds of audiovisual aids.
It covers the theoretical foundations of how language is learned, including English and teaching English in India, and methods and approaches used in the country, such as collaborative, cooperative, and blended learning, as well as critical thinking and language acquisition; the elements of language; instructional practices for listening and speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and study skills; evaluation; and classroom resources, such as materials and audiovisual aids.
Regarding the use of audi-ovisual aids in lectures by the teachers, 47% of stude-nts considered combination of these audiovisual aids to be most effective (Figure 1).
Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) has helped the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana to establish an air-conditioned Seminar Room in the department which is equipped with audiovisual aids including multimedia for presentations.
Objective: To explore the efficacy of audiovisual aids and scenario based group tests for enhancing understanding and decision making in first aid and developing master trainers among soldiers.
To complete the novelty of this work, it must be said that the authors are betting on creativity and the presentation of an innovative scenario with the use of techniques such as theater and audiovisual aids.
The school has plans to introduce audiovisual aids such as smart boards and tablets to aid classroom teaching," he said.
It supports the preparation of courses and the pursuit of research through its resources and services and provides an inhouse audiovisual aids and equipment services.
According to Matt Robertson, Axalta's refinish collision business director, North America, the facility will incorporate the best practices that have already been established at other training centers, including current Axalta product technologies and audiovisual aids.