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1. One of a group of ancient Roman religious officials who foretold events by observing and interpreting signs and omens.
2. A seer or prophet; a soothsayer.
v. au·gured, au·gur·ing, au·gurs
1. To predict, especially from signs or omens; foretell. See Synonyms at foretell.
2. To serve as an omen of; betoken: trends that augur change in society.
1. To make predictions from signs or omens.
2. To be a sign or omen: A smooth dress rehearsal augured well for the play.

[Middle English, from Latin; see aug- in Indo-European roots.]

au′gu·ral (ô′gyə-rəl) adj.
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Of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means:
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This they stated in the augural ceremony of one-day Japanese calendar exhibition and film screening show at the Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh organized by MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) Sindh chapter and Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh in collaboration with Consulate General of Japan, Karachi.
Fazal Abbas Maken, Federal Secretary for M/o National Food Security and Research in his augural address, welcomed all the distinguished guests specially from Nepal and Sri Lanka and said that training Workshop on 'Improving skills for promoting sustainable watershed management practices in South Asia' will be a source of effective skill development on improved watershed management practices, strengthening regional linkages, especially with Nepal and Sri Lanka.
In an augural speech on Saturday, Fatma Al-Kayhal, a senior official at Moroccan ministry of housing, said the plan aims to set a roadmap for Arab countries to include their goals in local and national policies that are in line with UN's agenda for sustainable development 2030, mainly the 11th goal on building sustainable and secure cities.
31) The poem gathers these moments of resistance, but also repeats them into a new narrative and a new utterance, 'the augural moment declared by frenetic guesses,/ come clear at last' in a simultaneous articulation of nationhood and internationalism: 'England, my England -/ the words are clear/ Workers of the World, unite
Con guinos de tacita solidaridad inauguramos una relacion augural en 1961.
Por su parte, os ten tum pertenece al lenguaje augural en el que designa un presagio (ibid: 470).
te was approached arrow, the artistic Wales Millennium ke part in the Welsh augural Festival of had no idea about ve journey that she, er Jonathan Powell Trefor would take.
En aquella ocasion no te mostraste ni inspirado por los dioses ni enterado por la ciencia augural.
Uno de los temas de discusion en torno a la participacion de Graco en el colegio augural se centra precisamente en su entrada en el mismo, y es por ello que conviene analizar este punto antes incluso que el del comienzo de su cursus honorum oficial.
The first titanium for Egypt, the first gold for Kuwait, a grand prix that never was and double gold in the augural glass category.
Un pueblo que gracias a Dios, en los actuales y algidos momentos marchaba en pos de un alba augural, con derroteros en los que vibraba la energia de un gran hombre: el presidente Salamanca.