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1. One of a group of ancient Roman religious officials who foretold events by observing and interpreting signs and omens.
2. A seer or prophet; a soothsayer.
v. au·gured, au·gur·ing, au·gurs
1. To predict, especially from signs or omens; foretell. See Synonyms at foretell.
2. To serve as an omen of; betoken: trends that augur change in society.
1. To make predictions from signs or omens.
2. To be a sign or omen: A smooth dress rehearsal augured well for the play.

[Middle English, from Latin; see aug- in Indo-European roots.]

au′gu·ral (ô′gyə-rəl) adj.
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Of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means:
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28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Cloud Security Alliance(CSA) today announced the preliminary agenda and opening of registration for its augural CSA Summit New York City 2015.
In an augural speech, Assistant Undersecretary for the Tourism Sector Samira Alآ[degrees]Gharib said that paying more attention to the sectors of tourism and investment contributes to increasing national income of GCC countries.
But just a year after they first tried it, after taking lessons for months, they were performing at the in augural Eugene Salsa Festival last February, a festival that kicks off its second run today and continues through Sunday at the Vet's Club.
In his augural address , Shri Goyal said Rivers can flow only in one direction, but power can flow in the direction of our choice
Country Director ILO Pakistan Francisco D'O Video, Secretary P&D Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, Secretary Labour Farhan Aziz Khawaja, Senior Child Labour Specialist ILO for South Asia Shereen Khan, Additional Secretary Literacy, DG Punjab Bureau of Statistics, DG Labour Welfare, Director Labour, P&D Chief, Project Director Javaid Gill and DOLs also participated in the in augural session.
Yesterday the 56-year-old, who won the Lidl Local Hero award at the Irish Mirror's augural Pride of Ireland last week, hit out at the Government for getting its priorities wrong.
BNA) -- FinMark Communications and Tamkeen yesterday announced Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) as the winners of the Financial Quiz night in the augural challenge of the Tamkeen Business Quiz Show after a lively showdown between the team and its peers BIBF -- Insurance, T'azur, Benefit and BDB.
However, the next season was even better for the Rochdale-born defender as Villa were runnersup in the augural s Premier League season to Manchester United with Barrett starting every game.
dawn augural, I omitted the morning odes to my limitations and rushed
Scotland, the hosts Republic of Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland took part in the in augural event in the Irish capital last year.
Under Operation Augural, Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) provided training for the troops operating the armoured vehicles.