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Respected and dignified: the august presence of the monarch. See Synonyms at grand.

[Latin augustus; see aug- in Indo-European roots.]

au·gust′ly adv.
au·gust′ness n.


The eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Middle English, from Old English, from Latin (mēnsis) Augustus, (month) of Augustus, after Augustus.]
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And Jerry, far-journeyer across life and across the history of all life that goes to make the world, strugglingly mastering the abysmal slime of the prehistoric with the love that had come into existence and had become warp and woof of him in far later time, his wrath of ancientness still faintly reverberating in his throat like the rumblings of a passing thunder-storm, knew, in the wide warm ways of feeling, the augustness and righteousness of Skipper.
The return of the first 40 bodies of the 295 passengers and crew of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 -- that was shot down over Ukraine on July 17 -- to the Netherlands last week and the augustness the Dutch brought to that moment reinstates the faith of the world in the human ability to hold on to dignity and compassion in the face of escalating evil.
46) The timing of the Report, and the augustness of its author, could not help but ensure that it would cause "a minor stir" (47) and be assessed by both sides for its partisan value.