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au·ral 1

Of, relating to, or perceived by the ear.

[From Latin auris, ear; see ous- in Indo-European roots.]

au′ral·ly adv.

au·ral 2

Characterized by or relating to an aura.
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Adv.1.aurally - with regard to sound or the earaurally - with regard to sound or the ear; "the new musical was visually and aurally appealing"
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Aurally, DOA3 is a powerhouse as well, supporting Dolby Digital 5.
The Mass, for full choir and two organs (though it can be done with one), is the more substantial setting, often exciting and aurally challenging -the organ's florid outbursts in the Gloria are particularly dramatic -and uplifting, as in the unison Credo, a wonderfully muscular affirmation of faith.
com, the epicenter of downloadable music for the aurally fixated, and ZDNet (NYSE: ZDZ), which operates the leading Web destination for people who want to buy, use, and learn about technology, today announced that they have teamed up to create "Ten Bands You Need to Hear," a weekly feature on the ZDNet Music site ( http://www.
This is because mathematical equations are meaningful to many applications, independent of how they are rendered aurally or visually.
Anderson's confidence was amply repaid by the CBSO under Sakari Oramo, though some of his explorations of natural tuning do not in fact make as much impact aurally as they do in the score.
As ever, our goal is allow people - business people, consumers and the ordinary `person-on-the-street' - to communicate visually and aurally.
For all the comforts and versatility of Warwick School's Bridge House Theatre, The Opera Group's presentation of Shostakovich's The Nose proved tiresome both visually and aurally.
Off summarized stating, "It's a great game visually, aurally and intellectually, and one you should definitely check out.
Happily, this was not the case for Rimma Sushanskaya's aurally acute and crystal clear performance of solo Bach pieces.
Many concepts, particularly technical ones, are best communicated visually, aurally or through experimental interaction.
I blessed the supplementary lighting for allowing me to relish performers ' and composer's expertise both aurally and in the score.
Many concepts in the more technical subject areas are best communicated visually, aurally or through experimental interaction,'' said Lewis.