austenitic steel

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Noun1.austenitic steel - steel that has enough nickel and chromium or manganese to retain austenite at atmospheric temperatures
austenite - a solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron; cools to form pearlite or martensite
steel - an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range
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of TiC, using compaction pressure of 700 and 800 MPa, in order to evaluate the best manufacturing conditions of the compounds that can ensure that the addition of ceramic particles (TiC) to austenitic steel (316) matrices leads to an improvement in wear resistance.
Raabe, "Hydrogen embrittlement associated with strain localization in a precipitation-hardened Fe-MnAl-C light weight austenitic steel," International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol.
Some petrochemical applications use the austenitic steel AISI 317L or the relatively new p750 for clads, vessels, tubes, valves and other components in oil refineries [7].
Functional characteristics of nitride layers on austenitic steel produced by gas nitriding.
Precision-molded premium plastics and austenitic steel retention pins maximize conveyor life and use, while also reducing noise.
Comparing the FLC defined for an austenitic steel sheet DIN 1.
12 are unique crack observed only for austenitic steel with martensite.
Each train unit will be composed of one electric-diesel locomotive, which powers five cars with austenitic steel body shells.
Monitoring indicates possible stress corrosion of the super heater, gives early warnings of excursions on condensates, and detects hydroxides and chlorides that contribute to the stress corrosion of austenitic steel.
It covers electing surface-treatment technologies, stainless austenitic steel, thin film technology, plastics including PVD, thermal CVD hard-material coating, hot-filament CVD diamond thin films, electrodeposition and other plating processes, thermal spraying, flame and arc spraying, spray materials, high-velocity oxygen fuel flame spraying, a plasma spray system, diagnostics in thermal spraying, sol-gel and hot-dip coatings, built-up brazed-wear coatings, applications of coating processes in brazing technology, surface protection through build-up welding, and non-destructive testing and assessment of coatings.