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n. pl. au·tap·o·mor·phies
An evolved character or trait that is unique to a single species or group within a larger phylogenetic group. Speech is an autapomorphy of humans among primates.

au·tap′o·mor′phic adj.
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In fact, the genus lacks an autapomorphy of Plutellidae proposed by Kyrki (1984).
Neofundulus is distinguished from the remaining genera of Rivulidae family by having the following synapomorphies: fourth pectoral radial not expanded ventrally, a subasal longitudinal white-yellowish stripe on the anal fin in males, transverse black bars on caudal fin of females, and black spots on pectoral fin of males (Costa 19986) Neofundulus splendidus presents very narrow yellow lines on the pectoral fins, instead of black spots present on the other Neofundulus species, thus an autapomorphy of this species.
The placenta (modified gametophyte-sporophyte junction) is an autapomorphy of land plants (Graham, 1996; Graham et al.
Crotaphytus grismeri is not represented here, as this species has the unique condition of a predominantly closed Meckel's groove (an autapomorphy of the species; McGuire, 1996), which was not seen in any dentary from Fowlkes Cave.
The relatively large size of the Giant Scops Owl represents an autapomorphy but its phylogenetic position as a terminal lineage does not warrant genus status.
quekettiana complex indicates that they too will have spermatophores with scale-like spines, suggesting that this is an autapomorphy for this smaller-shelled clade.
Therefore, the assessment of whether the low chromosome number is a synapomorphy of the clade or an autapomorphy of the specimens determined by Maury as B.
being a member of a small, well-supported clade of about 25 species, ali of which are characterized by having black, sclerified leaf margins, a character state that is an autapomorphy for this group of grammitid ferns and, thus, defines the clade.
Ventral rim of pygophore with the medial U-shaped emargination relatively shallow (vre), 1 + 1 flaps slightly bending dorsad into the genital cup ([approximately equal to] Brepholoxa heidemanni Van Duzee); inferior folder of ventral rim developed in a medial bilobed projection (vrp), apparently an autapomorphy of Aleixus.
One of the two alleged autapomorphies of Moraniella proposed by Burckhardt and Lauterer (1989), the presence of sectasetae, is not of generic significance but only an autapomorphy of M.