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Examples include such diverse subjects as Auteur Theory, Digital Cinema, Philosophy and Film, Realism and Production.
Exploring this assertion further requires more attention to authorial agency while of course not reverting to the Romanticisms of Andrew Sarris's auteur theory.
What has Pierre Tal Coat's gestural painting of a schematic leaping figure, Le Saut,1955-56, to do with a suite of thirty-four shadowy photographs by Mike Kelley, most of them hung too high to make out (The Poetry ot form: part of an ongoing attempt to develop an auteur theory of naming, 1985-96), or the dark glamour of Andy Warhol's massive silkscreen Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980?
In Sensing the Past, Jim Cullen proposes an alternative to auteur theory for American culture scholars that puts actors first.
At one moment, the author is psychoanalyzing: what a film's plot reveals about the audience's or director's feelings about psychiatrists (Packer seems to be following the auteur theory here).
It is a high compliment, indeed, for Sarris' volume introduced auteur theory to American audiences in such a compelling and lively manner that the book is still, after a half century, frequently assigned in film history courses.
The subtitle of the volume would seem to raise a problem in extending auteur theory to music in cinematic studies.
Increasingly, screenwriters are allowed to direct their own scripts, turning the Auteur Theory into a reality a half century after it was concocted by fantasizing Frenchmen ignorant of how Golden Age Hollywood actually worked.
This is specifically explained when Sarris examines "the three premises of the auteur theory .
Whether in accordance with auteur theory or simply as an unintended echo of the priorities of film production companies, these essays place hardly any emphasis on the central role played by scripts.