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Autism spectrum disorder, especially a more severe form of the disorder characterized by significant impairments in social interaction and communication, highly repetitive behavior, and strong resistance to change.

au′tist n.
au·tis′tic (-tĭk) adj. & n.
au·tis′ti·cal·ly adv.


in an autistic manner or the manner of a person who has autism
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The Society For The Autistically Handicapped (SFTAH), a parent-run organisation, has been directly involved in monitoring the progress of secretin trials in the USA and has given one of its members an opportunity to undergo a series of secretin treatments.
Triton's almost autistically enclosed world slowly expands through his encounters with Salgado's circle - Miss Nili, the ebullient Mr Dias, the revolutionary research assistant Wijetunga - and the personal is infused with increasing tensions of political and civil unrest.
Lapidus shifted the equilibrium of architecture from the autistically self-referential purity of the high-Modernist "duck" (Venturi's term) toward the shameless user-friendliness of the "decorated shed.