auto maker

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: maker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobilesauto maker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles
manufacturer, manufacturing business, maker - a business engaged in manufacturing some product
automobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively
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Mobileye is now working with Chinese auto maker SAIC on Level 3, 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles, it said at CES.
Summary: Omani sovereign wealth fund signed an understanding with Iran's biggest auto maker, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, to study a proposal for a US$ 200 million auto plant in Oman.
Auto makers, like Mercedes, generally give suppliers about a year after a plant is built to install equipment, train workers and assure that the finished product meets the auto maker s standards.
s China operations said Monday the Detroit auto maker expects to maintain the company's profitability levels in the world's largest light-vehicle market even amid price declines and moderating growth levels, Market Watch reports.
auto maker recalled 2013 and 2014 model year Fusion sedans, Escape crossover, C-Max hybrids and Lincoln MKZ luxury cars sold in North America, Canada and Mexico.
Attention of every auto maker, may it be Ashok Leyland or BMW, is to save costs where it bites the most.
The world's top auto maker Toyota remains in "crisis" mode a year after being hit by the first wave of more than 12 million recalls, a report said Thursday.
The auto maker cut the $1,000 incentives in March and slashed the number of vehicles it offered the $500 incentive on in April.
Japan's third-biggest auto maker is capturing customers in every corner of the world with its strong brand image and fleet of fuel-efficient products, pushing car sales to a record 3.
Brazil, the region's biggest auto maker, saw its production increase 27 percent in 2004.
recently announced its Virtual Test Track Experiment, created to help the auto maker determine how to plan and design the high-tech gadgets that consumers want, but do it with safety in mind.
BRASILIA -- Volkswagon, the largest auto maker in Brazil, expects to close a number of auto assembly plants in Latin America.