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An antibody that reacts with the cells, tissues, or native proteins of the individual in which it is produced.


n, pl -bodies
(Biochemistry) an antibody reacting with an antigen that is a part of the organism in which the antibody is formed


(ˌɔ toʊˈæn tɪˌbɒd i, -ˈæn ti-)

n., pl. -bod•ies.
an antibody that an organism produces against any of its own components.
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Noun1.autoantibody - an antibody acting against tissues of the organism that produces it
rheumatoid factor - autoantibody that is usually present in the serum of people with rheumatoid arthritis
antibody - any of a large variety of proteins normally present in the body or produced in response to an antigen which it neutralizes, thus producing an immune response
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M2 PHARMA-February 15, 2018-ImmunoQure AG partners with Servier for the development of interferon-alpha human autoantibody
In females with nonallergic versus allergic asthma, autoantibody levels to TPO and cytokeratin (CK), a bronchial epithelial antigen, were higher in the former.
The participants all had the necessary autoantibody testing.
Potential new player in rheumatoid arthritis: Autoantibody production is an important factor in seropositive rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
A high serum-neutralizing anti-IFN-[gamma] autoantibody titer and inhibited STAT1 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 1) phosphorylation through IFN-[gamma] stimulation in the leukocytes were confirmed, leading to a diagnosis of disseminated M.
The KRONUS 3-Screen Islet Cell Autoantibody ELISA Assay Kit is for the simultaneous and nondifferential detection of GAD and/ or IA-2 and/or ZnT8 autoantibodies in human serum.
Objectives: To investigate the relationship between serum carbonic anhydrase I-II (CA-I and II) autoantibody levels and diabetic retinopathy (DRP) in cases with type 1 diabetes.
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Among the anti-ENA autoantibody subtypes, anti-ACA was seen in 37% of patients, anti-Scl-70 in 24%, anti-RNP in 9%, and anti-RNAPIII in 5%; other subtypes were rarer.
This study then presents a new model for circulating troponins based on this in-depth evaluation of this interfering autoantibody.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of anti-SmD1[sub]83-119 autoantibody detection in cSLE.