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 (ô′tə-bän′, ou′tō-)
An expressway in Germany or another area where German is spoken.

[German : Auto, automobile; see auto + Bahn, road, from Middle High German ban; see gwhen- in Indo-European roots.]


(Automotive Engineering) a motorway in German-speaking countries
[from German, from Auto car + Bahn road]


(ˈɔ toʊˌbɑn, ˈaʊ toʊ-)

(in Germany and Austria) a superhighway; expressway.
[1935–40; < German, =Auto auto + Bahn road]
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Noun1.autobahn - an expressway in a German-speaking countryautobahn - an expressway in a German-speaking country
expressway, freeway, motorway, pike, state highway, superhighway, throughway, thruway - a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic


[ˈɔːtəʊbɑːn] nautobahn f
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The Autobahn Platform streamed the entire event without any rebuffering or stuttering, resulting in the longest continuous live event stream in history
Contractor shall install new LED Autobahn fixtures part # ATB2 40BLEDE10 MVOLT R2 USPOM (131w) or Cooper Navion NVN-AE-02-E-U-T2R-10K or approved equal, new LED Autobahn fixtures part # ATB2 60BLEDE70 MVOLT R2 USPOM (135w) or Cooper Navion NVN-AE-03-E-U-T2R-10K, and new LED Autobahn fixtures part # ATB2 80BLEDE10 MVOLT R2 USPOM (280w) or Cooper Navion NVN-AE-06-E-U-T2R-10K or approved equal.
Built on Swarmcast's patented multi-source streaming technology, the Autobahn Platform offers an unparalleled level of quality, reliability and scalability compared to existing solutions, where viewers experience rebuffering and other interruptions in service that undermine the overall user experience of online video.
HYDERABAD -- A man who was released from prison a few days ago was shot dead by unknown assailants on Autobahn road here on Thursday.
The system is equipped with momentum detection, to allow Autobahn to change behaviour in trending markets or switch quickly at inflection points.
The affected autobahn is not likely to be re-opened before Wednesday, the police spokesman said, adding it would first need to be checked by structural engineers, according to dpa.
Hani Shalabi, co-head of Equity Execution for APAC at Deutsche Bank said, 'We are proud to be adding significant horsepower to our already well-known Autobahn platform, paving the way for new best execution standards.
Used car seller Autobahn Motors opened a futuristic 15-storey showroom in December, with vehicles on display in 60 slots, billing it as the "world's largest luxury car vending machine".
Even as the technologies at his disposal became increasingly sophisticated, Bayrle's central themes have remained essentially consistent, with the works here repeatedly invoking the masses and their prime movers: Christianity, ideology, the Autobahn.
We were driving down the Autobahn and, after covering in excess of 100 miles, one of my most learned mates commented quite seriously: 'Big place this Ausfahrt, isn't it?
THE first right-hand drive Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupe ever made has been driven to its maximum on the German autobahn in an attempt to match its 150mph record speed.