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1. Relating to or being an autocrat.
2. Tending to impose one's will on others in an insistent or arrogant manner; domineering. See Synonyms at dictatorial.

au′to·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.autocratically - in an overbearingly domineering mannerautocratically - in an overbearingly domineering manner; as a dictator; "this manager acts dictatorially toward his colleagues"
2.autocratically - in an autocratic manner; "the Czars ruled Russia autocratically"
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This quid pro quo is the only language the autocratically minded leadership of the country will understand.
NEW EDEK chief, visionary dermatologist Dr Marinos Sizopoulos, has barely been in the job for a month and is already behaving autocratically.
Scene is not pristine: Egypt is ruled, autocratically, by a man who believes he came to rule the land via divine intervention as foretold in a dream.
Any institution that behaves autocratically like the Vatican and CDF counts on silence to keep its power.
In China's view, Patten's position was hypocritical, even offensive, given that the British had ruled Hong Kong autocratically.
Said Dhai: 'It's very sad that you have a small group of individuals that, under the guise of transformation, want to autocratically rule the SAMA membership.
She had stopped holding meeting of the group and used to take decisions autocratically.
Furthermore, they appreciate that higher-ranked managers decide autocratically and paternalistically.
The Bosnian provincial (about whom there are questions of how truly familiar he is with context of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, since at the time of the war he lived in Albania), in sanctioning Bojic, actually legitimized such irresponsibility and then confirmed it in his "Letter to the Brothers," published in the official bulletin of the Province in July, 2013, in which he autocratically threatened misfits with expulsion from the Order.
They write that the "United States is importing oil and will continue to do so, mostly from countries that are autocratically ruled, unfriendly to the United States, or at best, unreliable allies.
Ludwig Karl Hilberseimer grew up in Karlsruhe, a city which is one of the classic examples of an autocratically and geometrically planned city.
Maintaining something like this dual system is a reasonable second best to some unattainable complete reform that could make all faculty equal with long-term contracts and immensely preferable to reforms that would make faculty at-will employees and empower deans or other bosses to run schools autocratically.