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n. Computers
A feature, as in a spreadsheet, that automatically fills certain boxes with data based on information the user has entered elsewhere.

au′to·fill′ v.
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TEHRAN (FNA)- Australian G20 organizers have been left red-faced after it was revealed an email autofill error led to a leak of passport details for 31 world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and more, a media report said.
0 EHR intuitive care plans also instantly autofill important data such as medication orders and returns visits, as well as deliver letters to referring physicians and patients through the patient portal.
The system, from launch, is being aimed towards grey fleet users, as it comprises an autofill facility, which populates vehicle details, using data from the DLVA and the SMMT, like MoT and vehicle tax data.
To override this hurdle, users can go to Settings>Safari>Passwords and AutoFill and enable the "Always Allow" tab.
It brings functional autofill to mobile browsers for the first time with a transparent floating window that lets users apply their credentials as needed without interrupting what they're doing.
Nick Clegg toured Autofill Worldwide Ltd's factory on November 8, four days after accepting PS30,000 from Managing Director Anthony Ullmann.
Download the browser-based service and it will save your password every time you log into a site, then autofill it whenever you return to the site.
Optional features: Day-tank insulation, drum pumps, diaphragm pumps, autofill valves, air dryer, automatic nucleation, low-pressure feed pumps, L-type mixhead, multiple mixheads, constant-pressure mixhead orifices, mixhead boom, plate-type or tube-and-shell heat exchangers, water-temperature zone controllers; chiller, high-level PLC controllers, computerized data-acquisition system, complete computer control.
Davis at launch will in the beginning aim on grey fleet users, with a powerful autofill capability which populates vehicle details, road fund licence and MOT information automatically (using DVLA, SMMT and DVLA data).
Keyword and part number search with autofill feature
Microprocessor controls up to eight stations and features Autofill circuitry for setting fill times.