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Noun1.autofluorescence - self-induced fluorescence
fluorescence - light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other (invisible) wavelength
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The CR-2 PLUS AF camera includes a non-invasive Fundus Autofluorescence imaging mode that provides the reviewer with the ability to quickly assess the condition of the RPE layer.
We quantified anemone bleaching across four time points using an in vivo chlorophyll autofluorescence method developed by N.
Fundus examination revealed bilateral atrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium and choriocapillaris between the vascular arcades and surrounding the optic disc, which appeared as hypoautofluorescence on fundus autofluorescence imaging.
This pigment displayed staining properties of lipofuscin and melanin, with strong Schmorl positivity as well as strong autofluorescence [Figure 1]a.
They also demonstrated that the probe could acquire separate coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering, second harmonic generation and two-photon excited autofluorescence images of healthy human skin tissue samples with a resolution of 2048 by 2048 pixels for a scanned area of 300 by 300 microns.
NADH autofluorescence, a new metabolic biomarker for cancer stem cells: Identification of Vitamin C and CAPE as natural products targeting 'sternness'," Oncotarget, 2015.
Skin autofluorescence, relatively simple and time saving procedure, is related to the accumulation of AGE products and is one of the strongest markers to predict cardiovascular events in diabetes, renal insufficiency, and atherosclerosis itself [5].
Antibodies against protein nitrotyrosine detected the results of nitric oxide overproduction, antibodies against carboxyethyllysine localized the sites of nonenzymatic glycation and lipid peroxidation, and blue autofluorescence detected oxidized proteins.
Fundus Autofluorescence, 2nd Edition (online access included)
The screening should include a visual field exam as well as one of the advanced objective technologies: spectral domain OCT, autofluorescence, or multifocal electroretinography.