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Noun1.autogenics - training patients in self-induced relaxationautogenics - training patients in self-induced relaxation
treatment, intervention - care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)
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The relaxation response can be evoked using various relaxation techniques, such as autogenics, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation.
Olpin (health promotion, Weber State University) and Hesson (nursing, South Dakota State) discuss the practice of mindfulness, positive self-talk, time management, autogenics, meditation, and yoga.
apply muscle relaxation, visual imagery, autogenics, or meditation), be critical, but sustain a positive perspective (e.
Autogenics is a relaxation technique which involves a series of attention-focusing exercises designed to induce relaxation and enhance the body's self-healing powers.
I've heard of something called autogenics and I wondered if it would help me.
as well as smaller companies such as Wilshire Medical, Quintex and Autogenics.
Progressive muscular relaxation, meditation, visualization, self-hypnotics, and autogenics all have various degrees of difficulty and require varying degrees of commitment and practice.
044) from baseline to post-training in those randomly undergoing eight sessions of relaxation training, consisting of autogenics, progressive relaxation, deep breathing, and four sessions with EMG feedback vs.
Steadman has also held high-level management roles at Autogenics, Wilshire Medical Products and Sorin Biomedical (Fiat).
of Directors of Autogenics, a privately held specialized medical device company, announced today that David Fitzgerald has been named president and chief executive officer, effective immediately.