autogenous vaccine

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au·tog·e·nous vaccine

n. vacuna autógena, inoculación que proviene del cultivo de bacterias del mismo paciente y se hace para crear anticuerpos.
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The survey is open to those who deal with the VMD on behalf of a Marketing Authorisation holder or the holder of Manufacturing, Wholesaler Dealer, Autogenous Vaccine, Blood Bank or Equine Stem Cell Centre authorisations.
Autogenous vaccine which is made from the warty tissue of affected animal has been tried in treating bovine papillomatosis (Wadhwa et al.
Rather than handl[ing] each request on the basis of an autogenous vaccine," Kendrick explained to Young on February 4, 1933, "we can more efficiently make a supply from several local pertussis strains.
Out of four animals, two received only autogenous vaccine (group 1) while two other received autogenous vaccine alongwith autohemotherapy (group 2).
Pigs in herd E were vaccinated for swine influenza A (H1N1) and (H3N2) viruses with an autogenous vaccine.
There are no reports about therapy of bovine papillomatosis using the autogenous vaccine inactivated in the 70 percent alcohol.
Venugopalan (2000) and O'Conor (2001) have suggested remedial measures for removal of warts such as use of autogenous vaccine, wart enucleation, burning with hot iron or eraser, ligation and surgical removal of wart (excision) with surgical knife, application of salicylic acid ointment, dimethtylsulfoxide ointment and potential caustics etc.
Severe bovine papillomatosis: detection bovine papilloma virus in tumor tissue and efficacy of treatment using autogenous vaccine and parammunity inducer.