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A plural of automaton.


a plural of automaton


(ɔˈtɒm əˌtɒn, -tn)

n., pl. -tons, -ta (-tə).
1. a mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power; robot.
2. a person or animal that acts in a monotonous, routine manner, without active intelligence.
3. a mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically, without continuous input from an operator.
4. anything capable of acting automatically or without an external motive force.
[1605–15; < Latin: automatic device < Greek, n. use of neuter of autómatos self-acting =auto- auto-1 + -matos, v. adj. of memonénai to intend]
au•tom′a•tous, adj.
References in classic literature ?
I'll book you both for my colony; you'll like it there; it's a Factory where I'm going to turn groping and grubbing automata into MEN.
He also invented those automata, dressed like the Sultan and resembling the Sultan in all respects,[13] which made people believe that the Commander of the Faithful was awake at one place, when, in reality, he was asleep elsewhere.
Nor will this appear at all strange to those who are acquainted with the variety of movements performed by the different automata, or moving machines fabricated by human industry, and that with help of but few pieces compared with the great multitude of bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, and other parts that are found in the body of each animal.
Well, then, madame, not a day passes in which I do not suffer affronts from your princes and your lordly servants, all of them automata who do not perceive that I wind up the spring that makes them move, nor do they see that beneath my quiet demeanor lies the still scorn of an injured, irritated man, who has sworn to himself to master them one of these days.
Among them he enumerated the Man of Brass, constructed by Albertus Magnus, and the Brazen Head of Friar Bacon; and, coming down to later times, the automata of a little coach and horses, which it was pretended had been manufactured for the Dauphin of France; together with an insect that buzzed about the ear like a living fly, and yet was but a contrivance of minute steel springs.
None the less they came to Stone Court daily and sat below at the post of duty, sometimes carrying on a slow dialogue in an undertone in which the observation and response were so far apart, that any one hearing them might have imagined himself listening to speaking automata, in some doubt whether the ingenious mechanism would really work, or wind itself up for a long time in order to stick and be silent.
Objective: Finite automata are fundamental objects in Computer Science, of great importance on one hand for theoretical aspects (formal language theory, decidability, complexity) and on the other for practical applications (parsing).
Councillor Michael Hammon received the Rotary cheque for PS170, which was collected in a half-share in the automata takings located close to the heritage stall, as well as the market traders' cheque for PS150 which was raised from selling secondhand books.
With this partnership, GLPT will expand its presence in the retail Forex market by operating both the current B2C (Business to Consumer) component, which offers the 4X-DAT(TM) software as a third party "plug-in" for traders to purchase and use with the company's current brokerage options, as well as the new B2B (Business to Business) operation, by licensing the new platform to Automata FX.
Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) is one of the emerging technologies at nanometric scale for the production of future digital circuits.
Context-sensitive grammars: the languages defined by these grammars are accepted by linear bounded automata.
WRWA recently created a panel, now on permanent display at the hospice, with 40 carvings as well as a children's automata (woodcarving with moving parts).