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v. au·to·mat·ed, au·to·mat·ing, au·to·mates
1. To convert to automatic operation: automate a factory.
2. To control or operate by automation.
To make use of or be converted to automation: a food service that decided to automate for greater efficiency.

[Back-formation from automation.]

au′to·mat′a·ble adj.


able to be done by machines without human action
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8 million full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) are associated with activities that are already technically automatable today," the report, The Future of Jobs in the Middle East, said.
8 million full-time employees (FTEs) are associated with activities that are already automatable today.
The materials are predominantly single part (no mixing) and only cure on demand, so application or dispensing is straightforward and readily automatable.
The ability to automate occupations with low requirements for some skills and high requirements for others is, however, less obvious: it is likely that some aspects of these jobs are automatable while others are not.
With behaviour-driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD), developers have started to inherit structured and automatable test script definitions for application development.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is powering up the ad industry's transformation into a more algorithmically driven ad-tech-dependent environment, as our reliance on automatable tasks that require a high degree of accuracy is growing.
Sunil Kumar wasn't told, in any detail, why he was being let go; he insists that what he did at Tech Mahindra wasn't automatable, and that he was fired as part of a drive to invigorate the bottom line.
It was in this context that advocates for disadvantaged groups argued that instead of relying on one loan officer's individual judgment and biases, universal automated systems would decrease the potential for discrimination because they would be "transparent, consistent, uniform, unbiased, less labor intensive and automatable.
Tenders Are Invited for Automatable system for measuring ion channel activity across differentiated epithelial cell cultures in transwell plates.
Others will work side by side with robots in jobs that are not fully automatable.
WGS is rapid, precise, automatable, cost-effective, can be universally applied across all foodborne pathogens, and offers higher resolution data for analysis than banding patterns provide.
A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute reported that 60% of occupations are 30% automatable.