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Laserdyne's automatic focus control follows the contour of the part regardless of surface irregularities.
OK, 007 might turn his nose up at the stretched estate, but if its predecessor is anything to go by, the Focus holdall on wheels will be long-lived ( especially as the automatic Focus can easily return an average of just under 37mpg.
The fact that the wide QRSs resemble left bundle branch block is a good indication that the automatic focus giving rise to the idioventricular rhythm is in the right ventricle.
The camera features automatic focus to maintain image detail and clarity across its extensive zoom range.
Available on all new 790 BeamDirector Nd:YAG laser systems or as a field retrofit to existing 790 systems, OFC complements the unit's Automatic Focus Control by better controlling focus at the precise location of the drilled hole and to greater throughput with its faster response and wider working range.
The cameras feature automatic focus, iris, shutter and white balance for easy, hands-free use.
Richards also recommends using manual rather than automatic focus.
Moorad thinks one year removed from signing the big contract - and the automatic focus that goes with it - will have a positive impact on Green's output.
Like the DC240, these models feature a compact industrial design with an automatic focus, automatic exposure with a built-in automatic flash and a self-timer.
That is, you want a camera with both automatic exposure and automatic focus.
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