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In addition, the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) avoids problems with large signals, while maintaining a high sensitivity level.
The GT1524 includes a built-in telephone interface to connect remote telephone participants, an internal power amplifier for easy installation of a loudspeaker, automatic gain control to compensate for loud or soft talkers, and high-pass filtering to reduce low-frequency noise.
Rather, microphone design, the automatic gain control circuitry (AGC) in individual transmitters, receivers, and recorders, the bandwidth of the equipment, and other factors may all contribute to the phenomenon.
3 watt class-D audio amplifier with integrated boost regulator and battery automatic gain control (AGC).
They also include automatic light control, automatic gain control, automatic tracing white balance, backlight compensation, and aperture selection.
After background information about optical fiber, photodetectors, lasers, and modulators, he discusses five types of broadband circuits: transimpedance amplifiers, limiting amplifiers, automatic gain control amplifiers, laser drivers, and modulator drives.
The phone features a hands-free speakerphone, automatic gain control, acoustic echo cancellation and a built-in 6" TFT-LCD display.
Noise Gate Technology and Automatic Gain Control Improves Sound Quality, Increases Speaker Protection
All cameras offer triple-axis rotation systems for wide lens adjustment, day/night functions, easy focus adjustment, automatic gain control, and backlight compensation.
Both new product families feature PictureTel's innovative new PT 724(tm) audio algorithm and enhanced IDEC II(tm) echo cancellation with automatic gain control and noise suppression.
All three patents relate to important 4G cellular technologies and detail innovations including OFDMA subcarrier allocation and automatic gain control which result in a greatly improved user experience for broadband wireless subscribers using smartphones and other connected devices.
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