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Mooney also provides detailed and original analyses of Beckett's translations of Surrealist prose and poems, his exposure to Surrealist strategies of automatic writing, and his contributions to Nancy Cunard's Negro Anthology.
Yet the primary colors and graphic, linear aesthetic of the loopy rope forms also call upon such diverse precedents as Surrealist automatic writing and Pop art.
Ashley's early classic Maneuvers for Small Hands will also get its European premiere and first performance in 40 years by the Dutch pianist Reinier van Houdt, whilst Object Collection offers the UK premiere of Ashley's celebrated Automatic Writing.
He inquires how useful is automatic writing as a hermeneutic tool, tries out automatic writing in modern day Kardecism, seeks evidence of automatic writing in antiquity, scouts the work of the philosophers Josephus and Ezra for testimonies, and examines religious pseudepigraphy for clues.
When, during a session of automatic writing, Yeats offered to give up his poetry and pursue spiritual revelation, the Communicators answered "No, we have come to give you metaphors for poetry" (Ellmann 225).
Channeling is done either through automatic writing where the channeler's hand is moved supernaturally or hearing spirits speak via the gift of clairaudience and then recording the messages.
The painter, who turns 90 this year, fled Hungary in 1950 and settled in Paris where she became known for her surrealist practice of automatic writing, exemplified by Outburst (1957; Fig.
The mediums ranged from 15 to 47 years of automatic writing experience, performing up to 18 psychographies per month.
Minister Shatter stressed the bill does not provide for an automatic writing off of negative equity.
He started writing Kimberley's Capital Punishment while still at college where he was particularly influenced by surrealism, which originated as a literary movement of automatic writing in the early 20th Century.
In truth, many of the operations that the machine provides can be found in previous poetical practices: from collages to automatic writing.
In doing so, Yeats replaced the muse and his role as a courtly love poet for the " friendly serviceable woman" who opened the world of the unconscious to him with her automatic writing.

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