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Noun1.automobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speedsautomobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speeds
finisher - a racing driver who finishes a race
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal, was killed by an automobile driver apparently bent on mayhem.
05; US rates served as referent group Table 3: Incidence of traffic fatality per capita by person and transportation type, WV and US, 2008-2012 United States West Virginia Fatalities Rate per Fatalities Rate per N 100,000 N 100,000 Automobile Driver 85,860 5.
The petitioner's interpretation of the statute "would lead to the absurd result that the greater the degree of intoxication of an automobile driver, the less the degree of his [or her] accountability" (Matter of Carey v Melton, 64 AD2d 983, 983; see People v Kates, 53 NY2d 591, 596).
Every automobile driver has complete command of his vehicle.
Along with the automobile driver Aydyn Aydoy-an, Onur Saydam, 38, Asym Aydoy-an,15, GE-lseren Adaly,45, ME-zeyyen Ecelik,63, Sefer Adaly,82, Hasan Ecelik, 73, Esra Mantarcy, 20, E[currency]erife Aydoy-an, 31 were also taken under treatment.
The idea of transferring risk from an automobile driver to a machine is fraught with complexities.
Today's automobile driver receives more information pertaining to the safe operation of their car than ever before.
Goi, "Prediction of Automobile Driver Sleepiness : 1st Report, Rating of Sleepiness Based on Facial Expression and Examination of Effective Predictor Indexes of Sleepiness", Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Any automobile driver could expect to be sore and stiff at the end of an eight-hour road trip.
The physical impact of traffic and pollution on cyclists is much stronger than anything experienced by an automobile driver and the cyclist has more freedom and a stronger connection to the world around him or her.
In Berlin, the automobile driver respects the cyclist.
Under such freezing conditions, an automobile driver could experience localized cooling as his/her exposed body surfaces (15% to 20%) make contact with the cold seat, back support, and steering wheel.

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