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Noun1.automobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectivelyautomobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
auto maker, auto manufacturer, automaker, car maker, car manufacturer, carmaker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles
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Development of automobile industry in the least developed Balochistan would help diversify the provincial economy.
KARACHI -- The rupee depreciation has taken its toll on the automobile industry as Toyota has increased its cars prices up to Rs 60,000 and it is expected that other players - Suzuki and Honda- will follow the suit soon.
Indian Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari hinted that automobile industry could continue exports of petrol and diesel cars even as government will go ahead with its plan to transition India to all-electric mobility by 2030.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 7 (ANI): NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Thursday said the prevailing low rate of motorisation can be transformed into an opportunity for the automobile industry to carve its own path for production of electric vehicles.
This is the first Certificate that Cheng Steel vanadium automobile steel series has received from international automobile industry.
Energy conservation and new energy automobiles become the development orientation of the international automobile industry.
T HE Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises on Monday urged the National Green Tribunal not to extend to other cities the Supreme Court's ban on registration of diesel vehicles above 2000 cc in the National Capital Region as it would adversely impact the growth of the job- creating automobile industry.
During the Suez Canal Global Conference, Ragheb stated that she expects Egypt to become a centre for the automobile industry in the Middle East, given its geographical location and free trade agreements.
These are companies from the civil engineering sector, hotel industry, energetics and mining, automobile industry and railway sector, which the Transport and Connections Minister Mile Janakieski addressed in November when he visited Turkey, explaining the infrastructure projects and the announced investments in Macedonia
Arsenal of Democracy: The American Automobile Industry in World War II
The automobile industry is of prime significance for the EU.
Representative from the automobile industry ensured the minister about the compliance of said directives.

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