automobile traffic

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Noun1.automobile traffic - cars coming and goingautomobile traffic - cars coming and going    
vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
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Tenders Are Invited for Acquisition of automobile traffic for JSDH Postrekov.
The governor was briefed on the routes of Hussaini processions and services provided, such as concrete barriers to ensure the safety of citizens against automobile traffic, as well as the safety requirements to be met at Hussaini stalls.
After visiting at different times of the day and studying the pedestrian and automobile traffic patterns, we concluded that 72-24 Austin Street would be an ideal place to set up shop," Robinson said.
Starting in late December last year and stretching into early January, dozens of Italian cities issued smog warnings, imposing restrictions on automobile traffic in cities.
Consider Washington DC, where the consumer has more than 10 quality mobility modes from which to choose, which helps to reduce some automobile traffic.
While bicyclists can still use streets in the downtown zone, the situation is more complex for skateboarders, as it's illegal to skateboard on any city street designated for automobile traffic, except when crossing a street in a crosswalk or at a right angle.
He said that the idea of a river taxi was born out of the intense automobile traffic experienced on the road east of the Nile between Shubra and Helwan, in addition to the proliferation of environmental pollution as a result of vehicle exhaust.
A systematic, road-kill survey was conducted on the Mobile Bay Causeway (US 90 / 98) from April 2001 through December 2013 to assess the numbers of Alabama red-bellied turtles (Pseudemys alabamensis) killed by automobile traffic.
The existing bicycle infrastructure is patchy, the automobile traffic is intensive and drivers and pedestrians are often intolerant.
The city's pervasive 30 km/hour speed limit slows down automobile traffic and helps keep cyclists safe.
The major attractiveness of motorcycles in this class are their ability to naturally coexist with automobile traffic and their low price realized by economies of scale.
Summary: The world's megacities tend to boast tales of epic automobile traffic.