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(ɔˈtɒn əˌmɪz əm)

a belief in or movement toward autonomy.
au•ton′o•mist, adj., n.


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He argues that nationalism in multinational democracies has three major political orientations: independentism, autonomism, and federalism, each with different visions of sovereignty embodied by their own political parties.
The basis of autonomism was the syndicalist movement and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1895.
The deflated-FW view--that anyone who makes choices, does what they want to do, and exhibits proximal control over what they do (for instance, they raise their arm when they want to) has free will--appears to be a form of "naive autonomism," which on analysis very much resembles Frankfurt's freedom of action (as opposed to freedom of the will, the meta-volitional ability to have the will one wants to have).
As time passed, those arguments against legal moralism, grounded in liberalism and autonomism, were bound to encounter resistance from those who felt virtue and communal values were intrinsic goods.
Others laid the theoretical groundwork for what was called "the Jewish national idea," whose larger ramifications gave birth both to Zionism and its hybrid twin, so-called Jewish autonomism.
This is now sanctified as Mill's "harm principle," which defines our core human and democratic freedoms and is upheld almost everywhere in the Western world as an untouchable standard in defense of freedom, moral relativism, and autonomism.
This second physical volume of the third conceptual volume covers institutions of national sciences; subverting the Romantic narratives; literary representations of the national character; aesthetic modernism and collective identities; and regionalism, autonomism, and the minority identity-building narratives.
Putting aside the question of which paradigm could better serve the emancipative goals of Italian political thought, and purposely overlooking the epistemological warfare among Lacanian post-structuralism and Adornian marxism, Deleuzian gauchisme and Spinozian autonomism, Derridean deconstructionism and Foucauldian biopolitics, I will conclude my commentary by recalling an important concept, at the center of Italian thought since the late Seventies, the "unpolitical.
Even then, most Jews sought to combat anti-Semitism through assimilation, Jewish autonomism, and socialist revolutions.
The Q Factor: Modal Rationalism versus Modal Autonomism, JOSEPH LEVINE
The more so "because the Modernizers readily say that the encyclical Pascendi does not touch them, that they are neither immanentists, nor agnostics, not fideists or symbolists, or evolutionists--as if the encyclical Pascendi did not also speak of criticism, sociology, autonomism, etc.
She said: "The defence and Crown both agree that Kelly was someone suffering from a type of autonomism at the time the offence was committed.