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Genotyping on Licor 4300 DNA Analyzer: The amplified PCR products of M-13 tailed markers were resolved on PAGE gel prepared and fixed for Licor 4300 DNA Analyzer which revealed autoradiograms.
The cover-slipped sections that were histochemically stained for COX activity and the autoradiograms of Syt4 and Syt7 mRNA levels were transilluminated in the visual field of a 12-bit digital Photometrics camera CoolSNAP cf (Spectra Services Inc.
After 3 days exposure at 4[degrees]C, autoradiograms were washed with D-19 b developer (Kodak) and fixed with Fixaj B (Kodak).
The autoradiograms were obtained after 30 days (-4[degrees]C) exposure in light-tight cassettes to Kodak Professional D-19 (Sigma) film and developed in Kodak Dektol (Sigma Chemical Co.
The processed blots were exposed to X-ray film, and the autoradiograms were analyzed using a scanner and the GelQuantNET software (http://biochemlabsolutions.
20,21) The optical density of the autoradiograms was measured with a drum scan densitometer and analyzed with an image-processing system (Fig.
Other admirable qualifies include the wherewithal to covalently bind nucleic acid samples to membranes in less than 30 seconds (240 times faster than vacuum-oven baking, according to the firm), and enhance sample visibility on autoradiograms by up to 445 percent.
Those include references to must-read literature; genetic and physical maps of chromosomes, indicating the approximate location of disease-resistance genes of interest; and autoradiograms that show the distinctive bands associated with such genes.
Autoradiograms were read manually and aligned using the ClustalW option in MacVector 6.
2]R-expressing neurons, as displayed by the low binding densities in some midbrain regions of the representative autoradiograms (Figure 6).
Our hK4-specific immunoassay and autoradiograms demonstrated covalent binding of hK4 to a high-molecular-mass serum protein, most likely [[alpha].