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An expressway in France or another area where French is spoken.

[French : auto, automobile; see auto + route, road (from Old French; see route).]


(Automotive Engineering) a French motorway
[from French, from auto car + route road]


(ˈɔ toʊˌrut)

a principal highway, esp. in France and French-speaking Canada.
[1960–65; < French]
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It has been determined that even if an autorouter is used (and there are always exceptions to this), cleanup and finishing of the autorouted layout often take as long as a manually routed design, especially since the designer may execute three or four autoroute iterations until they get the desired results.
And secondly at some point on the autoroute a silver and blue TGV - Train a Grand Vitesse - would flash by at 200mph.
The Autoroute Blanche has tunnels and soaring viaducts that leave you gasping and put the M4's challenges round Newport into rather painful context.
The trucker madness has been reported by horrified French autoroute workmen.
Travelers are provided with easy to read and clearly detailed road maps for autoroute driving; precise road maps of all major metropolitan areas for getting off the highways and into the cities; vicinity maps of Paris which also show significant points of interest outside the city and how to get to them; city street maps drawn large scale; and a comprehensive index for easy access to desired map page information.
In the wet the autoroute speed limit becomes 110 km/h (from 130 km/h) and the dual carriageway limit drops to 100 km/h (from 110 km/h).
Throughout its1,600-mile jaunt to the Continent, the 170bhp V6 engine cruised along for the most at top autoroute speeds, the automatic box making smooth steps, up or down, and arousing plenty of energy when demanded.
Site: Hotel Rond-Point, 53 rte du President Kennedy, Levis Sortie/exit 325 north, autoroute 20.
Having gone there via the autoroute along the coast - heavy lorries and an endless series of tunnels and tollbooths (exact money only) - we decided to come back over the mountains.
Worldwide Computer Products News-21 November 2002-Microsoft releases updated AutoRoute software (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Leaving the autoroute after a ninety minute drive north from Paris, the motorist initially sees three tilted masts that hold the roof of Tschumi's project in place.
It's well worth a visit but perhaps those of you who tire of the Merry Hill-style of shopping would be advised to drive on around 20 minutes down the autoroute to St Omer.