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 (ô′tōz-də-fā′, ou′tōz-)
Plural of auto-da-fé.
References in classic literature ?
The condemned to death, I knew, perished usually at the autos-da-fe, and one of these had been held on the very night of the day of my trial.
The notorious autos-da-fe, trials of faith, lasted between 1560 and 1812, except for a brief four-year suspension between 1774 and 1778.
Because of the surviving records of autos-da-fe, we know that some of them were sent to prison or dispatched to the galleys; some were to receive a hundred lashes or had to spend a few years in a monastery wearing a sanbenito, a penitential scapular.
The former avoided serious trouble by eventually making a deal with the Inquisition; the latter, to their misfortune, wound up either in exile or burned at the stake, in a series of trials that culminated in the notorious Protestant autos-da-fe of the late 1550s.
Perez continues his narrative with detailed descriptions of a number of autos-da-fe, where the accused were ceremonially paraded in public in the midst of sermons and public recantations.
The colonial government, based in the luxurious city of Goa, indulged unabashedly in conspicuous consumption and expensive public ceremonies epitomized by the autos-da-fe celebrated by the Holy Office.
Other Afghans exhumed the TV sets they had buried in their yards to save them from the autos-da-fe of electronics the Taliban staged in Kabul's soccer stadium.
Although its obsessions with the culinary and vestimentary practices of women converted from Judaism or Islam sufficed to make them well represented among prisoners punished at its public autos-da-fe, Spain's Holy Office posed relatively minor problems for most Spanish women, and vice versa.
As a lifelong newspaperman I am bemused by the passionexpended on these posthumous autos-da-fe.