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 (ô′tō-strä′də, ou′tō-)
An expressway in Italy or another area where Italian is spoken.

[Italian : auto, automobile; see auto + strada, street (from Late Latin strāta, paved road; see street).]


(Automotive Engineering) an Italian motorway
[from Italian, from auto car + strada road]


(ˈɔ toʊˌstrɑ də, ˈaʊ toʊ-)

n., pl. -stra•das, -stra•de (-ˌstrɑ deɪ)
(in Italy) a divided highway connecting major cities.
[1925–30; < Italian, =auto auto + strada road « Latin (via) strāta; see street]
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Noun1.autostrada - an expressway in an Italian-speaking countryautostrada - an expressway in an Italian-speaking country
expressway, freeway, motorway, pike, state highway, superhighway, throughway, thruway - a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic
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ITALYMost Italians seem to drive along the autostradas as if they are permanently late for an appointment.
With Europe's mass transit systems developed to a fine art, and its roads, apart from the autostradas, designed to quaintly rattle the teeth of tourists, why on earth would they?