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Males induced to autotomize a claw showed little reduction in their competitive ability; however, those subject to the fishery practice of manual declawing showed a marked decrease in their competitive ability.
Ophiuroids can autotomize arms and the aboral portion of the disc (Litvinova and Zharkova, 1977; Dobson, 1985; Dobson and Turner, 1989; Charlina et al.
Injuries are thus particularly studied in animals having the ability to autotomize a body part (Formanowicz.
Young lizards that autotomize their tails may lose resources important to somatic growth at a critical time, and thus, regeneration may be especially costly.
time to autotomize an entrapped limb) may therefore reflect its present circumstances.
Because red king crabs can autotomize (drop) injured legs, crabs with a fresh autotomy were classified separately from those with other leg injuries.