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A CONVENTION of female writers, which for two days had been stuffing Woman's couch with goose-quills and hailing the down of a new era, adjourned with unabated enthusiasm, shouting, "Place aux dames
He selected his best horse, jumped upon his back, galloped along the Rue aux Herbes, taking, not the road Fouquet had taken, but the bank itself of the Loire, certain that he should gain ten minutes upon the total distance, and, at the intersection of the two lines, come up with the fugitive, who could have no suspicion of being pursued in that direction.
Mouton aux navets," added the butler gravely (pronounce, if you please, moutongonavvy); "and the soup is potage de mouton a l'Ecossaise.
Crawley, haughtily, "to call the dish as I have called it"; and it was served to us on silver soup plates by the footmen in the canary coats, with the mouton aux navets.
Cette ville asiatique aux innombrables eglises, Moscou la sainte.
Pelet would probably have greeted him with a public rebuke, and would certainly have mulcted him both of soup and fish; as it was, that polite though partial gentleman only shook his head, and as I took my place, unrolled my napkin, and said my heretical grace to myself, he civilly despatched a servant to the kitchen, to bring me a plate of "puree aux carottes" (for this was a maigre-day), and before sending away the first course, reserved for me a portion of the stock-fish of which it consisted.
Goodworthy was an old friend and he greeted them effusively; they dined in his private room with his wife, and to Philip it seemed that he had never eaten anything so delicious as the beefsteak aux pommes, nor drunk such nectar as the vin ordinaire, which were set before them.
He guessed that the lady of the black hood was the procurator's wife of the Rue aux Ours, which was the more probable from the church of St.
Les professionnels de la sante, du secteur prive ne beneficient pas de couverture medicale alors que l'Assurance Maladie Obligatoire garantit aux employes du secteur public et prive des avantages sociaux.
Les candidats ne cessent d'affluer aux sieges des commissions electorales pour deposer leurs candidatures avant la fin de la date limite de la reception des candidatures prevue aujourd'hui.
De grands efforts sont aujourd'hui consentis par le ministere de la Sante pour remedier aux nombreuses disparites et aux inegalites sociales et spatiales de sante qui persistent ici et la dans notre pays.
Des comites d'alimentation ont aussi ete formes pour suivre et controler les repas offerts aux pelerins, en vue de s'assurer que lesdits repas sont soumis aux conditions strictes sanitaires.