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 (ôg-zē′sĭs, ôk-sē′-)
Growth resulting from increase in cell size without cell division.

[Greek auxēsis, growth, from auxanein, auxē-, to grow; see aug- in Indo-European roots.]

aux·et′ic (ôg-zĕt′ĭk) adj.
aux·et′i·cal·ly adv.


something that promotes auxesis
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Adj.1.auxetic - of or relating to growth by auxesis
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As the cell topology and constitutive materials are important data, VIPER will consider the combination of different materialsand structural arrangements, in which viscoelastic, poroelastic, auxetic materials will play a major role.
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This means that auxetic materials act as excellent shock absorbers or sponges, a fact that is being explored for various uses.
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Auxetic materials [1, 2] are those which when stretched expand rather than contract in width.
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