auxiliary pump

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Noun1.auxiliary pump - a supplementary pump available if needed
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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The auxiliary pump should never be operated unless the pump is connected to a fuel source.
An auxiliary pump then came on and tripped immediately.
My auxiliary pump failed so I could not transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank.
After that, my auxiliary pump failed and so I could not transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank.
They pulled the auxiliary pump by hand to Coventry where they spent the rest of the night fighting fires.
Each FIA-SIA-LOV contains a 5 VDC relay for powering LED lamps, as well as a 24 VDC relay for powering a heater, small auxiliary pump, or solenoid valve.
Large circulating systems may require the use of an on-site fluid-recycling company that can supply auxiliary pump capacity to generate a high velocity flush.

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