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 (ôk′sə-trŏf, -trōf′)
An organism, such as a strain of bacteria, that has lost the ability to synthesize certain substances required for its growth and metabolism as the result of mutational changes.

[Back-formation from auxotrophic.]


(Microbiology) a mutant strain of microorganism having nutritional requirements additional to those of the normal organism
ˌauxoˈtrophic adj
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Differential expression of Met auxotroph, Escherichia coli DL41 (DE3) pCOCK, has revealed proteomic variation in cells forced to use TeMet in the translation of proteins.
For example, auxotroph mutants are easy to maintain and observe on selective media and are strongly selected against on restrictive media (Welden & Hossler, 2003; Krist & Showsh, 2007).
The yeast morphotype but not the mold, for example, has a cysteine dioxygenase activity and is a cysteine auxotroph.