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 (ôk′sə-trŏf′ĭk, -trō′fĭk)
Requiring one or more specific substances for growth and metabolism that the parental organism was able to synthesize on its own. Used with respect to organisms, such as strains of bacteria, algae, or fungi, that can no longer synthesize certain growth factors because of mutational changes.

[Greek auxein, to increase; see auxin + -trophic.]

aux·ot′ro·phy (ôk-sŏt′rə-fē) n.


the inability to synthesize particular growth factors, due to mutational changes
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I propose that whole circuits of SLCs may be linked to particular nutrient auxotrophy states and that knowledge of these dependencies could instruct assessment of vulnerabilities in cancer cells.
There is some evidence that genetic safeguards, such as engineered auxotrophy, "kill switches", barriers to gene flow, and "genetic firewalls" can be built into organisms that are constructed using synthetic biology, (194) but there was no discussion in Oversight about how the use of genetic safeguards could be furthered by minimizing the regulation of sNA manufacturing in Canada.
Use of uridine auxotrophy (ura3) for markerless transformation of the mycoinsecticide Beauveria bassiana.
2011) The genome of thl7 cell-inducing segmented filamentous bacteria reveals extensive auxotrophy and adaptations to the intestinal environment.