(ə-vônt′, ə-vänt′)
Hence; away.

[Middle English, forward, from Old French avant, from Latin abante : ab-, from; see ab-1 + ante, before; see ante-.]


sentence substitute
archaic go away! depart!
[C15: from Old French avant! forward!, from Late Latin ab ante forward, from Latin ab from + ante before]


(əˈvɔnt, əˈvɑnt)

adv. Archaic.
away; hence (used interjectionally).
[1275–1325; Middle English < Middle French avant to the front < Late Latin ab ante before. See ab-, ante-]
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And then there are the biggest customers of DuPont in India-farmers who buy its insecticides, Avaunt and Rynaxypyr.
DuPont already offers popular pest control products in the kingdom such as the cross-spectrum Avaunt insecticide.
What's hot: Steward cotton insecticide; Crop Protection Plus; Avaunt fruit and vegetable insecticide.
Here's the pang that pinches: His Highness having liv'd so long with her, and she So good a lady that no tongue could ever Pronounce dishonor of her--by my life, She never knew harm-doing--O, now after So many courses of the sun enthroned, Still growing in a majesty and pomp, the which To leave a thousandfold more bitter than `Tis sweet at first t' acquire--after this process, To give her the avaunt, it is a pity Would move a monster
But yet for to abrege your penaunce 30 And aswage somwhat covertly, Yef that ye lyst to know the purvyaunce, As I suppose ye know ryght verryly, Of suche as be in loves Jeopardy, Ye must in chyef lerne to be sufferaunt, 35 Servyseable, secret, without avaunt.
In the name of Almyghti God and Saynt George, avaunt banarer