aversive conditioning

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aver′sive condi′tioning

conditioning by linking an unpleasant or noxious stimulus with the performance of undesirable behavior.
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Noun1.aversive conditioning - conditioning to avoid an aversive stimulus
conditioning - a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment
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Aversive conditioning with LiCl works similarly in goats, horses, sheep and cattle (RALPHS & OLSEN, 1990; 1992; RALPHS & CHENEY, 1993; RALPHS et al.
This historic announcement from FDA comes amidst calls for bans from a number of patient groups concerned about the safety of medical devices such as aversive conditioning devices, power morcellators, certain birth control implants and metal-on-metal hip implants.
It took off in the opposite direction and I headed back over to the group with a golden opportunity to discuss aversive conditioning and its importance in urban human-coyote conflict management.
This edition has been updated and reorganized to place biological influences after the discussion of appetitive and aversive conditioning, and separates Pavlovian conditioning, appetitive conditioning, and aversive conditioning into single chapters.
To this extent, our results parallel somehow those reported using aversive conditioning paradigms where the acquisition of CS+/UCS associations (as measured by fear-startle potentiation) does not necessarily require contingency awareness, suggesting that this emotional learning is automatic and obligatory.
DISORDER TREATMENT Paraphilias not * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy otherwise specified associated with the excretion function (coprophilia, urophilia) Exhibitionism * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy * Aversive conditioning Fetishism * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy * Aversive conditioning, implosion Transvestic fetishism * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy Pedophilia * Treatment in specialized units (incarceration included) * Group therapy * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy * Anti-androgens Sexual masochism * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy * Aversive conditioning Sexual sadism * Analytically-oriented psychotherapy * Aversive conditioning
The use of aversive conditioning in the forms of electric shock, chemical, and imagery were found to be beneficial when paired with non-aversive interventions for the treatment of alcoholism (Nathan, 1976).
In addition, there was evidence that the participants' level of discomfort increased with the number of times that they were exposed to the unfavorable schedule, an indication of aversive conditioning that could have provided the basis for escape.