aversive stimulus

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Noun1.aversive stimulus - any negative stimulus to which an organism will learn to make a response that avoids it
negative stimulus - a stimulus with undesirable consequences
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In contextual fear conditioning, experimental subjects are placed in an emotionally neutral context (such as a room) and presented an aversive stimulus (such as an electrical shock).
Counter-conditioning involves changing your dog's association with an aversive stimulus from negative to positive.
Avoidance is defined widely as behavior that allows an organism to prevent or postpone the delivery of an aversive stimulus (Azrin and Holz 1966; Dinsmoor 1954, 1977).
That is, when an aversive stimulus is presented or a reinforcing stimulus is withdrawn, the probability that the action will be repeated declines (Kunkel & Berry, 1968).
If this impact was not present in the "staying" condition, it is likely that differences were not noticeable because of the impact of the aversive stimulus in the rats, so that generally the subjects didn't make mistakes.
A camera was placed above the tank to monitor the movements of the zebrafish, and statistical tests were performed to calculate whether the robot acted as an attractive, neutral or aversive stimulus and whether this relationship depends on the fish being isolated or in a shoal.
Conditioned fear in vertebrates such as rodents is often brought about by pairing an aversive stimulus (the US)--for example, an electric shock-- with a neutral stimulus (the CS)--for example, a tone (see Maren, 2001).
tight suit) may have been paired with an aversive stimulus (e.
Savage reported that the failure in acquisition and retrieval of shock avoidance tasks in forebrainless fish was neither due to a reduced sensitivity to aversive stimulus (shock), nor a failure in a manifestation of signs of fear.
Responses such as Quit that or Get out are controlled by their respective aversive stimulus and are reinforced negatively when the listener complies.
a tone or being in a new environment); is achieved by pairing the neutral stimulus with an aversive stimulus (e.
The consequence can be the introduction of an aversive stimulus (i.