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 (ā′vē-ā′trĭks, ăv′ē-)
n. pl. a·vi·a·trix·es or a·vi·a·tri·ces (-trī′sēz′)
A woman aviator. Used especially during the first half of the twentieth century.


(ˌeɪ viˈeɪ trɪks, ˌæv i-)

also a•vi•a•tress, a•vi•a•trice

(ˈeɪ viˌeɪ trɪs, ˈæv i-)

n., pl. -a•tri•ces (-ˈeɪ trəˌsiz, -əˈtraɪ siz) also -a•tress•es.
a woman pilot; aviator.
usage: See -trix.
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Noun1.aviatrix - a woman aviatoraviatrix - a woman aviator      
aeronaut, airman, aviator, flier, flyer - someone who operates an aircraft
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The British aviatrix touched down in Al-Jouf on a 1942 Boeing Stearman Spirit of Artemis on Wednesday and found her way to Riyadh through Hail and Al-Qassim.
AN adventurous British aviatrix has embarked on a 13,000-mile solo flight from Britain to Australia in a vintage open cockpit biplane.
It starred Meryl Streep (as Karen Blixen), Robert Redford (as Denys Finch-Hatton), Klaus Maria Brandauer (as Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke), Michael Kitchen (as Berkeley Cole), Malick Bowens (as Farah), Stephen Kinyanjui (as Chief), Michael Gough (as Delamare), Suzanna Hamilton (as Felicity, who is based on famous aviatrix Beryl Markham), and supermodel Iman (in a cameo role as Mariammo) (Out of Africa).
They are Pat Hyland, President of Hughes Aircraft, John Joseph Montgomery, glider pioneer, Clifton Moore, father of LAX, Robert Prescott, founder of the Flying Tiger Line, William Schoneberger, noted aviation author, Robert Six, CEO of Continental Airlines, Bobbi Trout, record-setting and stunt aviatrix, Willis Hawkins, noted Lockheed aircraft designer, and Ralph H.
The aviatrix made headlines when she became the first woman to complete a transatlantic flight with co-pilots Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon the year following Charles Lindbergh's historic feat.
Eighty-six years later, aviatrix and philanthropist Amelia Rose Earhart successfully completed an around-the-world flight to retrace her namesake's final route.
She was a junkie trading sex for a fix, a chief executive, an aviatrix.
Caption: De Seversky and world-renowned aviatrix Jackie Cochran chat beside an SEV-S2, a modified Bendix racer developed from the P-35 Army fighter.
Lockton Companies, the world's largest privately held insurance broker, said it is insuring the around-the-world flight of aviatrix Amelia Rose Earhart, who will attempt to retrace the globe-circling route of her namesake Amelia Mary Earhart.
Amelia Rose Earhart, who is a distant relative of the legendary aviatrix, said that the 28,000-mile flight around the world is one of the true flying adventures which would pose a great challenge, the New York daily reported.
The Sky My Kingdom is the new translation of the memoirs of World War II German pioneering aviatrix and test pilot Hanna Reitsch.