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 (ā′vĭ-kŭl′chər, ăv′ĭ-)
The raising, keeping, and care of birds.

[Latin avis, bird; see awi- in Indo-European roots + culture.]

a′vi·cul′tur·ist n.


(Agriculture) the keeping and rearing of birds
ˌaviˈculturist n


(ˈeɪ vɪˌkʌl tʃər)

the rearing or keeping of birds.
a`vi•cul′tur•ist, n.


the raising or keeping of birds. — aviculturist, n.
See also: Birds


n (form)Vogelzucht f
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The risks are significant that these HPAIVs will continue to circulate and that new genetic combinations will arise in concentrations of overwintering waterfowl and then spill over into poultry operations and aviculture.
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