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 (ā-vîr′yə-lənt, ā-vîr′ə-)
Not virulent.

a·vir′u·lence n.


(Microbiology) (esp of bacteria) not virulent


(eɪˈvɪr yə lənt, eɪˈvɪr ə-)

(of microorganisms) having lost virulence; no longer pathogenic.
a•vir′u•lence, n.
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Adj.1.avirulent - not virulent; unable to produce disease
virulent - infectious; having the ability to cause disease
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The bacterium seems to have a virulent and an avirulent form, and as thus far, there is no screening method which can differentiate between the two.
Infection types equal to or higher than 7 were considered virulent, and those less than 7 were considered avirulent.
We hypothesized that this particular strain of ABV2 was either avirulent or of low pathogenicity.
The gene-for-gene theory of plant/pathogen interactions proposes that a plant, resistant to a particular plant pathogen, carries a resistant (R) gene and the plant pathogen, unable to cause disease, possesses an avirulent (avr) gene.
Trypanosomes lacking trypanothione reductase are avirulent and show increased sensitivity to oxidative stress.
Genetic modification of the viruses renders them replication-deficient and avirulent, and allows expression of the mycobacterial antigens to which the immune system reacts.
NO production and ROS activation in response to infection is associated with the avirulent gene-dependent oxidative burst that occurs immediately prior to the onset of hypersensitive cell death (Allan & Fluhr, 1997; Delledonne et al.
albicans PLD1 is involved in hyphal development in vitro and PLD1 deficient yeast are avirulent compared to wildtype in mouse models of candidiasis.
A potent antimycobacterial and anticancer agent, violacein-like purple violet pigment (PVP) was purified from Ant5-2, PVP inhibited the growth of both virulent and avirulent strains of M.
Finally, they focus on recent progress in application of so-called avirulent (non-dangerous) S.
Stabilization of recombinant avirulent vaccine strains m vivo.
14) This test will not only allow the investigation of strain variability in clinical specimens but also may allow differentiation between virulent and avirulent strains.