awareness bracelet

awareness band, awareness bracelet - An awareness band or awareness bracelet is made of rubber or fabric on which a slogan is written, usually sold to raise awareness for charitable causes.
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By wearing a Blue Ribbon pin or the Love Our Children USA Break The Cycle Blue Ribbon Awareness Bracelet during April and throughout the year, we can educate families, children, neighbors, organizations and communities on how to prevent child abuse and neglect -- encourage community and individual involvement in recognizing and preventing child abuse and neglect, assist families in achieving healthy parenting practices through education and resources and empower individuals to report child victimization and intervene in situations where violence and neglect harm children.
ALEF BET BREAST CANCER AWARENESS BRACELET Make a wish when you put it on; as the pink string unravels from the silver charm bracelet, your wish comes true.
1: Wear the LIFE Happens gel awareness bracelet and use it as a conversation starter.
Luxe Jewels is also offering the Awareness Bracelet ($29), designed by creative director and breast cancer survivor Janice Parsons, from which $5 of every sale will go to the foundation.
com)-- Mama Bracelets has brought back their Autism Awareness Bracelet with some definite improvements.
They have also supported Rett Syndrome; designed an Autism Awareness bracelet; and created a LUNGevity Breathe Deep Lung Cancer Awareness bracelet.
After weeks of designing and many prototypes, the Mama Bracelets “Cure SMA” Awareness Bracelet Collection was launched.
The Autism Awareness Bracelet currently sells for $28 and can be found at www.
Still, he's won attention for upholding a prison's right to conduct strip searches and once wrote a dissent against a decision allowing school students to wear breast cancer awareness bracelets that read "I [heart] boobies," the local paper reported.
A campaign titled "Don't Drink and Drive" will be distributing awareness bracelets in cooperation with the national committee for traffic safety and Charlie Taxi.

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