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also awe•strick•en

(ˈɔˌstrɪk ən)

filled with awe.


[ˈɔːstrʌk] ADJpasmado, atemorizado


[ˈɔːˌstrʌk] adjsgomento/a
References in classic literature ?
George was awe-struck at the force, the vehemence, the power, with which these broken sentences were uttered.
Trembling and awe-struck, Caderousse hastily shut the door and returned to his guest, while La Carconte lighted a candle by the smouldering ashes that glimmered on the hearth.
D'Artagnan shuddered at the noise of the keys; he remained on horseback, feeling no inclination to dismount, and sat looking at the bars, at the buttressed windows and the immense walls he had hitherto only seen from the other side of the moat, but by which he had for twenty years been awe-struck.
The awe-struck silence was first broken by the clergyman.
Ringing as the note of a trumpet that sounds alarm then the foe is at the gates of a city, even so brazen was the voice of the son of Aeacus, and when the Trojans heard its clarion tones they were dismayed; the horses turned back with their chariots for they boded mischief, and their drivers were awe-struck by the steady flame which the grey-eyed goddess had kindled above the head of the great son of Peleus.
Bread was evidently awe-struck by this statement; she shook her clasped hands slowly up and down.
Is it true," continued Lucy in awe-struck tone, "that Miss Lavish is writing a book?
she said slowly, in a low, awe-struck voice that might have told me my fate at once; but I was shaking all over in the intensity of my passion, and for the moment it was joy enough to be able at last to tell her all.
When the awe-struck savages saw that the food disappeared overnight they were filled with consternation and dread, for it was one thing to put food out to propitiate a god or a devil, but quite another thing to have the spirit really come into the village and eat it.
Every face expressed respectful, awe-struck curiosity.
All of them appeared awe-struck and frightened by the sound and effect of the firearm.
Without a backward glance at the awe-struck soldiers Tarzan leaped the trench and was gone.