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Noun1.axe head - the cutting head of an axaxe head - the cutting head of an ax    
ax, axe - an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
wedge - something solid that is usable as an inclined plane (shaped like a V) that can be pushed between two things to separate them
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A A resident of the South of France B A jewelled necklace C A flood plain D A lance with an axe head QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Actor Derek Jacobi was artistic director of which theatre from 1995 to 1998?
But evidence of earlier settlements in the area has been uncovered, including a Bronze Age axe head and Roman and Celtic coins dating back to 30 BC.
Bomb-proof axe head, forged and CNC-milled with over injected assembly
The court was told he had an axe head but when he started, he had a full axe", said Lee.
As Barry mentioned, the concho was probably chiseled out using an old axe head for an anvil, and a chisel which was either commercially made and traded for, or it could have been a homemade chisel.
After a dozen or so Herculean axe swings all I had accomplished was sinking the axe head into the end of the log so deep that I couldn't budge it.
Part of the axe's haft The Bronze Age axe head found near Treuddyn
The attack only ended when the axe head fell off and her assailant fled.
It is thought to date back to 900-700 BC, on account of a Bronze Age axe head found there in 1988, and, over the years, it has been used asaplace of mediation by 6th century monks, a fortress, a cholera hospital and the first location to transmit wireless messages across the sea courtesy of Nobel Prize-wining Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi.
Two of these boomerangs (the middle and lower boomerangs shown in the photograph) and the large axe head were presented to the Hornshaw Collection by Draper's son (William Draper).
Generally, NFL owners only axe head coaches after terrible seasons.
He picked up the mattock, which combines an axe head and a prying tool, and went inside.