1. One who wields an ax.
2. Slang One assigned to perform a task involving ruthless reduction, as of a work force or budget.
3. Slang One who plays a guitar or saxophone, especially in a band or for hire.


(ˈæks mən)

n., pl. -men.
1. a person who wields an ax.
[1665–75, Amer.]
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The Home Design Awards is a unique opportunity for residential and landscape designers in New Hampshire to be recognized and honored for their beautiful work," said Andi Axman, editor of New Hampshire Home.
Tarifa Plana is known for their dynamic lead singer, Luismi Grayonay, the creative lead guitarist, Borja "The Axman," bass player, Jose Maria Alcoholado Macias, drummer Samuel Pelaez, and rhythm guitarist Javier Rubino.
Ja o dono do vaso seria um negociador de origem armenia que vivia no Libano chamado Dikran Sarrafian (W axman 2010: 188 e Mcleave 2003: 128).
Therefore, the theoretical part motivational courses spread of practical training in the field Axman modeling techniques designed for people blind and severely visually impaired (which is based only on the principle of tactile learning) and its simplified form the TasovskEi modeling methods for people with other handicaps in two different time-and content-intensive blocks.
2FM axman Dan Healy yesterday claimed he needed to destroy the station so he could rebuild it.
Janacek's music, however, also greatly influenced Hugo Mrazek, Frantisek Kudlacek, Bohumil Kyselka, Vitezs1ava Kapralova, Emil Axman, Jaroslav Kricka, and other composers.
12 Gomez Roman G, Schulte W, d'Hoedt B, Axman Kramer D.
L AXMAN highlighted several other qualities of Tendulkar, who has announced that the two Tests against the West Indies next month would be his last.
Resident Representative, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Islamabad, Martin Axman, said that the workshop on Conflict Transformation and the Challenge of Peace is a part of series of workshop in studying and understanding conflict resolution dynamics.
Linnea Axman from United States Navy Medicine and Dr.
Dorothy Axman Loving Trust, to Pupke Ronald I & Gladeus E; 113 Village Dr, Cottage Grove 97424; $234,900.
axman Singh, another villager added: "The army surveillance has increased on the Pakistani side after the Mumbai attacks.