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The cytoplasm of an axon.

[Greek axōn + -plasm.]

ax′o·plas′mic (-plăz′mĭk) adj.


the fluid substance found in the axon of a neuron which surrounds the fibrils


(ˈæk səˌplæz əm)

the cytoplasm within an axon.
[1895–1900; axo- (see axoneme) + -plasm]
ax`o•plas′mic, adj.
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The axoplasm within a nerve fibre is conmposed of 87% water held together by cytoskeleton [40].
Movement of organelles along filaments dissociated from the axoplasm of the squid giant axon.
The white centre of Roth spots consist of arrested axoplasm.
Presence of D-aspartate in squid axoplasm and in other regions of the cephalopod nervous system.
A build-up of blocked axoplasm in the optic nerve head becomes visible as a swelling, causing the appearance of papilloedema (Figure 1).
The membrane and inner carinulae in deformed mitochondria were absent, and the neurosecretory particles under transportation in the axoplasm decreased markedly.
The pressure prevents axoplasm in the optic nerve from flowing freely.
At the microscopic level, they have been identified in the cytoplasm and dendrites [17] but not within the axoplasm [2].
Increase in the nerve terminal perimeter and most of the synaptic vesicles were localized near the presynaptic active zones and scarces in the axoplasm.
One can understand these results in terms of TYR displacing NE from vesicular stores into the axoplasm, where the NE would undergo oxidative deamination to an aldehyde intermediate, followed by reduction of the aldehyde to DHPG (1,11,12).
Bodian and Howe (1941b) determined the transport velocity of the virus in the axoplasm to reach mitral cell dendrites within 1 hr after intranasal instillation.