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or a·zaan  (ä-zän′) or a·dhan (ä-thän′)
n. Islam
The Muslim summons to prayer, called by the muezzin from a minaret of a mosque five times a day.

[Arabic 'aḏān, from 'aḏḏana, to call to prayer, derived stem of 'aḏina, to listen, from 'uḏn, ear; see ʔḏn in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) Islam the call to prayer five times a day, usually by a muezzin from a minaret
[from Arabic adhān, from adhina to proclaim, invite; see muezzin]



(in Islamic countries) the call to prayer proclaimed five times a day by the muezzin.
[1850–55; < Arabic adhān invitation]
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Shall I sing of you as wooer and in the fields of love, how you went wooing the daughter of Azan along with god-like Ischys the son of well-horsed Elatius, or with Phorbas sprung from Triops, or with Ereutheus, or with Leucippus and the wife of Leucippus.
Soon we would implement the system of Jamat and azan simultaneously at one time in the whole country with the help of provinces as we have been able to achieve consensus among Ulema, he added.
The Aleppo campaign was launched from three directions, namely the towns of Khan Toman, Jabal Azan and al-Wdaihi.
We have called up three players for the current camp -- Riyadh Subait and Yassin Al Shiyadi, both of whom were earlier with the Olympic (under-23) team, and Azan Abbas," he said.
The Syrian troops backed by the Russian air force started military operations from three angels of Khan Touman, Jbal Azan and Al-Vazihi on Friday.
Residents said that heavy rains hit areas of Shawkah, Al Aym Valley in Al Gheil, and Azan.
Under the imposition of the said section, the wall chalking, pillion riding, provocative speeches, assembly of five or more persons at a public place for any nefarious purpose, display of weapons, use of loudspeakers except Azan and Muharram Mourning, distribution of objectionable materials, prohibition of installation of warning lights except the vehicles of security forces, prohibition of tinted glasses on the vehicles, aerial firing, sale of petroleum products in small containers, fire crackers and their sale thereof, standing on roof tops of buildings/houses in the surrounding of procession routes and imambargahs and staying of strangers in hotels/inns will be banned with immediate effect for a period of 60 days.
A short time later, Hezbollah installed loudspeakers on the water tank on the roof to broadcast the Azan (the call to payer).
Azan in every state: Jameel Syed, 40, is the muezzin at the mosque in Rochester Hills, Michigan, just outside Detroit.
Deputy Governor of Helmand, Mohammad Jan Rasool Yar told media that the unmanned aircraft fired a missile at a vehicle in the Azan locality of Kajaki district.
Another resident of Al-Makarib, Ibraheem Azan, 45, told the Yemen Times that dozens of Houthis have been killed or injured in similar explosions since they took over.
In the other two quarter-finals, Nasir Iqbal upset third seed Mohammad Abouelghar of Egypt 3-1, while Aamir Atlas Khan cemented his place in the last four stages with a swift 3-0 win over a higher-ranked Mohammad Ashraf Azan of Malaysia.