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 (ăz′īd, ā′zīd)
n. Chemistry
The univalent linear group N3, or any compound that contains this group, many of which are explosive.

az′i·do′ (ăz′ĭ-dō′) adj.


1. (Elements & Compounds) any compound containing the monovalent group –N3 or the monovalent ion N3
2. (Elements & Compounds) (modifier) consisting of, containing, or concerned with the group –N3 or the ion N3: azide group or radical.


(ˈæz aɪd, -ɪd, ˈeɪ zaɪd, ˈeɪ zɪd)

any compound containing the univalent group NH3, as sodium azide.
[1905–10; see azo, -ide]
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Noun1.azide - a chemical compound containing the azido group combined with an element or radical
hydrazoite - a salt of hydrazoic acid
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
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Terminal groups included halides, which were then converted into hydroxyl, allyl, acrylate, or azide functional groups.
Transconjugants were then selected on Luria-Bertani agar plates containing sodium azide (100 mg/L) and nalidixic acid (6 mg/L).
The present study is aimed at investigating the alkylating efficiency of sodium azide of different concentrations on fruit yield, nut size and nutritional quality of groundnut seeds of two varieties grown for commercial purposes in Nigeria.
Compared to other inhibitors, sodium azide has been shown to interfere least with purely chemical Mn reactions (Rosson et al.
For their new test, the researchers exposed the sample to a precursor molecule of this saccharide with an additional azide group (-N3) tacked on.
3] reacted with the nitrogen to form ammonium azide (~1/3 of the product), which precluded further nitridation even if ammonium azide is one of the nitrogen agents.
Moreover, PQQ protected cells from mitochondrial inhibition by rotenone, 3-nitropropionic acid, antimycin A, and sodium azide.
Energetic binders that appear to offer such promising characteristics include azide functional polymers like glycidyl azide polymer (GAP), poly(3, 3-bisazidomethyloxe-tane) (PBAMO), and poly-(3-azidomethyl-3-methyloxetane) (PAMMO), nitrato polyethers like poly-((3-nitrato methyl)-3-methyl oxetane) (PNIMMO), poly-(glycidyl nitrate) (PGLYN)), poly(vinyl nitrate)s, fluoro-polymers, etc.
a leader in cancer metabolism-based therapeutics, today announced encouraging results of a preclinical toxicity study of azide drug-loaded Emulsiphan nano emulsions conducted with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) under a Collaboration Agreement.
PACE cited documents reporting a high volume of materials containing highly toxic sodium azide going from Breed Tech.
They also said that each bomb was attached to a syringe containing lead azide, a chemical initiator that would have detonated PETN explosives packed into each printer cartridge.
Summary: Dubai Police specialists said the package contained the highly explosive PETN and lead azide substances