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1. The horizontal angular distance from a reference direction, usually the northern point of the horizon, to the point where a vertical circle through a celestial body intersects the horizon, usually measured clockwise. Sometimes the southern point is used as the reference direction, and the measurement is made clockwise through 360°.
2. The horizontal angle of an observer's bearing, measured clockwise from a reference direction such as true north.
3. The horizontal angle of a projectile's motion, measured relative to a reference direction such as true north.

[Middle English azimut, from Old French, from Arabic as-sumūt, pl. of as-samt, the way, compass bearing : al-, the + samt, way (from Latin sēmita, path; see mei- in Indo-European roots).]

az′i·muth′al (-mŭth′əl) adj.
az′i·muth′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.azimuthal - of or relating to or in azimuth
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The 360-degree azimuthal circle was employed to permit the fiber axis to be rotated 360 degrees around the vertical.
Teams can realize the full potential of azimuthal seismic data and take advantage of the reservoir information to define optimum reservoir drilling locations.
If the cross-section is circular with radius r, then the last term in (5) is 2[pi]rB where B is in the azimuthal, [theta], direction, not aligned with I and the z-axis.
The fiber dielectric constant differs from that of the resin, and the fiber weave presents azimuthal anisotropy even at normal incidence.
Then they share findings of tests at specific locations, among them the role of wrench faults and fractures in creating "sweet spots" in tight gas exploration and production in Rulison Field in Colorado, the fracture control of P-wave azimuthal anisotropy in a Laramide basement-cored anticline at Wyoming's Casper Arch, and natural fractures in folded sandstones of the Tensleep Formation in Wyoming.
1977) have shown that the Rayleigh-wave ellipticity depends primarily upon the local crust structure and that it does not exhibit azimuthal dependence, for a period range of 10 to 50 s.
This strong growth of local azimuthal velocity near the bathtub drain hole can be explained by Lord Kelvin's circulation theorem.
As shown in Figure 2, the thermocouples are staggered radially and placed along four azimuthal positions.
Selected taphonomic attributes such as size, articulation and skeletal preservation, fragmentation, azimuthal orientation and concavity ratio, as well as abrasion (edge rounding) were documented.
In non axisymmetric arrangements there is also an azimuthal dependence of the mean flow variables.
The 256 beams with a three dB azimuthal receiving beamwidth of 3.