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1. The horizontal angular distance from a reference direction, usually the northern point of the horizon, to the point where a vertical circle through a celestial body intersects the horizon, usually measured clockwise. Sometimes the southern point is used as the reference direction, and the measurement is made clockwise through 360°.
2. The horizontal angle of an observer's bearing, measured clockwise from a reference direction such as true north.
3. The horizontal angle of a projectile's motion, measured relative to a reference direction such as true north.

[Middle English azimut, from Old French, from Arabic as-sumūt, pl. of as-samt, the way, compass bearing : al-, the + samt, way (from Latin sēmita, path; see mei- in Indo-European roots).]

az′i·muth′al (-mŭth′əl) adj.
az′i·muth′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.azimuthal - of or relating to or in azimuth
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1D-WAXD intensity profiles can be obtained by integrating 2D-WAXD patterns azimuthally.
This analysis will go far beyond the usual simplifications made in the characterisation and classification of structure, like azimuthally averaged, 1-dimensional functional forms of the density profile or the sole use of 2-point correlation functions in astrophysical data.
Four azimuthally mounted reflectors of 250mm aperture were specially built for the project at the Paris Observatory.
Broadband characteristics, therefore, depend on solar elevation even in the case of stationary and azimuthally homogeneous atmosphere, causing the Forbes effect-virtual diurnal variation in atmospheric broadband optical characteristics (Ohvril et al.
Indicatricies are presented for reflection near [theta] = 40[degrees] with azimuthally angles [phi] = 0[degrees], 12.
Seismology of azimuthally anisotropic media and seismic fracture characterization.